Educational Startup
Implement front-end as quickly as possible, connect it to the Mediagram and present to venture investors
Startups with original, breakthrough ideas often come to us and ask "can you do this?" And usually we can. In this case, a well-established serial entrepreneur from the USA came up with a very cool idea in the field of Edutainment.
Edutainment or Educational entertainment is the gamification of learning, the act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains, making learning as fun as possible, cross learning and entertainment.
We cannot disclose the business idea of this project, but we can reveal some technical details. From the very first conversation with the main stakeholder it became obvious that significant part of the implementation will be dealing with video. Such that video-processing, loading, storage and the most effective delivery.
What interests a typical startup client first of all? Typically it's creating a prototype, proof-of-concept. How much time will be needed, how much money, and "when finally I can show something to investors." Since we understand this very well, our analysts conducted several brainstorming sessions with the customer and drafted business requirements for the prototype within 2-3 days. Often we are asked to give a cost assessment straight away, but we still suggest the customer to write at least some requirements document.
The simplest document is called Business Vision, the more advanced one is Business Requirements Document or BRD. We usually interview the customer and quickly write BRD, and then using the BRD we split project into feature list and evaluate it. This is convenient for the customer, because in the process of working with our analysts new ideas pop-up and the project becomes more clear. In addition, it becomes clear what is difficult to implement and is better to postpone for later stages, and what can be quickly and inexpensively implemented at the first stage.
This particular project represents a platform for creating workshops or courses/classes with specific characteristics.
The main goal of the MVP version was to launch a platform that would provide an easy way for users to download content, as well as quickly forward video to various devices: smartphone, tablet, smart-TV, desktop.
Using the Mediagram platform, we were able to solve this problem in just a few days. The quality of the video adapts to the Internet connection speed of the end user, so even those who use the service from mobile devices via slow connection could receive content of acceptable quality with minimal delay.
We provide several interfaces to upload video to the platform: manual upload of video content, API for connecting external systems, as well as webdav and ftp.
After uploading videos to the platform, the owner of the video can track their status in their personal account, and also receives a notification when the video processing has finished and it becomes available for viewing by users.