Our company
The MediaGram platform was developed by Gramant, a team of professionals who have been developing high-loaded IT systems for more than 10 years. We have put in this platform the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years of development and operation of video storage and delivery systems in various business areas and in several countries.
Our strength lies in flexibility: we not only provide a powerful platform, but also adopt it to the most diverse needs of our customers. There is the high-performance core of the platform, while various add-ins and integrations differ depending on the business area and the needs of our customers. And we also build unique user interfaces and mobile applications that integrate with the core of the platform.
Other services
Video systems
We build custom systems based on a Mediagram. We integrate the functionality of video broadcasts and video-on-demand into internal systems and portals. We build media portals, online learning systems, telemedicine systems and much more.
Online advertising systems
We develop online advertising systems, including video advertising; we build our systems into the RTB infrastructure; we integrate with online advertising majors.
We help develop the concept of a system starting from a business vision to detailed technical requirements. We are the specialists in UI and UX.
Our team
Our team has been working together since 2007. Our joint experience in the implementation of online video projects has long passed over 100 years. Most of the team members are generalists, who most of the time are engaged in development, but can both manage projects and design architecture and communicate with customers. And what is very important - while working on projects, team members constantly communicate and share experience and knowledge with each other.
Natalya Slagt
Artem Volftrub
Dmitry Dadayan
Head of Testing
Ivan Veldyaksov
Java-guru, TeamLead
Gleb Ilinykh
TeamLead, Project manager
Arsen Sepikhanov
Java developer
Denis Yeldandi
Head System Administrator
Anatol Filin
CMO, Business Analyst