MediaGram end-to-end video hosting platform
We help companies manage unique video content on the Internet and ensure its control, reliable storage and playback on various devices. We make turnkey systems based on powerful, proven platform that can handle the highest loads. Our platform supports both VoD and streaming solutions.
Core features
A complete set of tools for Internet video
Load video content from various sources, including non-standard video formats
Convert video for optimal playback on various devices
Video dispatch in any formats, including for non-standard devices
Automatic back-ups for reliable storage
Live streaming
Live broadcasts. Efficient processing of live broadcasts on the server
Online editing
Editing video (slicing, gluing) on the server, including in automatic mode
Service architecture
User behavior and stats
Detailed view stats. User behavior. E.g. answer the question: what videos are watched with video A?
Recommendation service. By interests, by categories of content, e.g. author, lecturer, subject, by location.
Классификация видео, хэш-теги, таксономии. Можем классифицировать видео, например,
с помощью обученной нейронной сети
Behaviour analysis
Analysis of viewing patterns: how they watched a video, scrolled closer to the end or watched whole, which pieces were watched several times. A/B testing of materials.
Why us?
Solution proven on high-loads
> 300 mln. daily views
We tune the front-end to your style, the system will look like yours
Source code
Under certain conditions, access to the source code and the opportunity to develop the system on your own are granted
You need MediaGram if ...
you have a large amount of video content that cannot be kept on public services
you want to lower
infrastructure costs
you need non-standard functionality, e.g. integration with internal or external systems, recommendation service, machine learning.
you want to make money on video ads
you want full control of your video content
you want to control your interaction with search engines
Mediagram usage cases
Transfer giant volumes of data over the mobile Internet with minimal latency
Implement front-end as quickly as possible, connect it to the Mediagram and present to venture investors
High reliability, service stability, unlimited scalability
Get trial access to the MediaGram platform
One month trial period, no credit card required